Spiritual Formation

The foundation for spiritual formation at United Lutheran Seminary is corporate worship. When the community gathers for worship, students and their families, faculty and staff bring everything they have – their stories and hopes, intentions and fears, triumphs and limitations, their minds, hearts, and hands – to be addressed by God. At worship, God transforms God’s people by the Word and Spirit and sends them out for the life of the world. That transformation and mission is what seminary is about, and the ultimate aim of curriculum and community. Chapel schedules on each campus vary by season, but typically include an opportunity to gather Tuesday through Friday. The Seminary’s corporate worship uses a wide range of settings, forms and styles, and many churchwide and international guests connect the global scope of the faith to the Seminary’s spiritual life. Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to lead the community in worship.

Spiritual formation gradually takes place in each of us and in all of us together over time in many ways in many places – in classroom study, prayers and individual devotions, field education, small groups, retreats, and community life. In addition to daily chapel services, it is common to find students meeting for Bible study, lectio divina, evening prayer, or personal devotional time in dedicated spaces on both campuses, through meditation, art, journaling, centering prayer, or other traditional and creative forms of spiritual practice. All members of the community on both campuses are encouraged to participate in offerings for intentional spiritual formation.